The Super Service Challenge, founded in 2011, is a nationwide movement to transform organizations through service. Driven by the idea that people and teams grow stronger when they join together to serve causes they care about, the Challenge promotes service by encouraging volunteerism, sharing stories of service, and awarding funding to nonprofits featured in stories of service.

Just five years after launching, this movement has spurred more than 100,000 people into service for nearly 1500 charities nationwide. Over $5.5 million has been awarded to the winning nonprofits. The online impact of the Challenge has also been amazing with 4,814 shared stories of service, more than 2.5 million votes and over 300 million media impressions.

Katie David created and submitted videos to help show the amazing work that’s done at VARHA and give VARHA a chance to win funds via the Super Service Challenge website.  Katie created her videos to promote VARHA’s mission, show what it means to be a volunteer, and to help recruit additional volunteers for the upcoming seasons.

Katie's work resulted in a $500 win for VARHA for the 2016 Super Service Challenge!  Thank you Katie!


Check out Katie's videos!